DOUBLE THE SPACE of our old shop

After 12 years in the same location we are UPGRADING! Double the space and dedicated classroom and healing space in a wonderful loft. Lots of amazing classes and events will be coming this spring. Crystal grids, tarot,aura photography just to name a few. Stay tuned for updates after we move. 


AMAZING new products coming in spring

Quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, new crystals and clothing are all coming to our new space. You will also be able to sit and experience the amazing energy of 2 life size crystal skulls, MOM, our wonderful large clear quartz double terminating double ISIS face healing crystal, and more for a small LOVE offering.


BRANDON MATEY with Ritual Wellness Lounge will be relocating with us to our new shared space

Brandon will have his amazing CBD & wellness products and his wonderful Bullet Proof superfood coffee's & lattes, vegan treats and more! We are excited to be partners in our new space. We want to provide our spiritual community and our wonderful customers a great metaphysical shopping experience along with super healthy beverages and treats for you to enjoy.