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We have many talented & gifted readers and healers available now at Tribal Trends. Call
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Donna Cheatham

 Donna Cheatham is a natural born seer and medium from a  long line of Czechoslovakian/Russian Gypsies who all possessed the  gifts of sight and mediumship. Donna has been communicating with spirits  of all kinds since about the age of 5. She also sees auras, animal  spirits and personal guides and Masters. Donna also has the ability to  see negative entity/energy attachments and along with Joanne, they  create a space of safety and love to move those entities into the light  so that they may heal and move on. They also provide the same services  to homes and land. Call Blue Moon & Associates to schedule a reading  or consultation today!!  828-702-7425 or  704-607-6298 



Nicole is a medical claircogizant empath, bodywork professional (ABMP),  oracle card reader, aura reader, teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, chakra balancer,  student of life and sparkle administrator.  She has a direct and clear approach  to healing.  She had previously owned her own therapeutic massage and energy  studio in Northern Virginia for 7 years, where she worked on the Redskins, high  end profile lawyers and business owners.  She was called to a deeper type of  healing which prompted a move to a different state where she had never even  been! Knowing the atamony and kinesology of the body well she began to study  Traditional Chinese Medicine and dove even deeper into her own spiritual gifts.   She soon discovered that the body, mind and soul work in perfect harmony. We  sometimes become un-aligned from our spirits by negative vibrations absorbed  from different aspects in our lives, creating tension in the body.  Sometimes,  even creating dis-ease. If you are wondering what is your next step in life,  feel confused or "stuck" let Nicole get you back in line with your soul's  passion, path and purpose! 



Kathlina Francesco 516-935-5960

Kathlina is a unique intuitive healer of love & light, channeling teachings & messages of love proficiently. Her Divine Purpose is to assist in awakening ones Divine Self, revealing & utilizing your true abilities in preparation for the new Paradigm. Utilizing her many talents & abilities she connects with your guides & Divine self to assist you in obtaining your souls agenda. She utilizes this information in conjunction with channeled information from the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm, hypnotherapy, light, sound & crystal therapy to assist you in healing self & increase your vibration frequency. 

As this occurs, you gain insight to your inner wisdom enabling you to get your own answers. She empowers you by teaching you to heal yourself on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels by providing you with a variety of simple tools & techniques.

CALL 828-693-0227 for info or appointment

Donna Hollingshead

 If you find yourself repeating the same patterns and have already  tried using many different techniques, there may be something deep in  your unconscious preventing you from receiving Grace fully. This would  show up as possibly feeling stuck or wanting something and wanting joy  but not knowing quite how to achieve it. Joy is your true nature, but  life experiences may cloud or cover it up.

The  Akashic Records contain the experiences of a soul since its inception.  During a consultation, the consultant opens the energy field. I use the  sacred prayer method. You ask the questions. I facilitate Spirit and  work with your Soul together we bring forward answers and clear whatever  is holding you back from living your life with freedom and joy! 

 If you read this and it has the tiniest little spark that says, "Huh, I  am curious about that."  Notice it. Perhaps it is a calling. Donna has  over 2 decades of experience as a minister, Yoga instructor,  professional clown, artist, and mentor. She has authored 2 books and  facilitates workshops and retreats. Her intention is to hold space for  expansion, joy and freedom.  Akashic Records… is a consult for you? 
(561) 866-2280 


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